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Member Benefits

What are the benefits of being a member of ASOFIA?

We pride ourselves on delivering valuable member benefits that our members need to run their businesses, learn new skills and information and to create important relationships with each other, government and industry.
As an ASOFIA member, you receive exclusive access to group buying discounts with a number of major suppliers of products and services. Most members enjoy returns that far outweigh their membership fee.
Your ASOFIA membership provides you with access to a range of networking opportunities to meet colleagues and develop business opportunities. Run through our State Divisions, our industry networking events are also open to invited non-member companies. The networking activities are organised on a regular basis and include meetings, briefings, seminars, conferences, social events and sporting activities. Check upcoming dates in your area
All members receive complimentary subscription to Interior Fitout Magazine, the official magazine of ASOFIA. This full colour printed magazine is produced quarterly and circulated to 5,000 industry professionals around Australia. Interior Fitout covers all the latest news and issues facing our industry, case studies of our members work and reveals the latest trends, new technology and tools from around the country. This publication offers members a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work Free of Charge! Find out more about Interior Fitout Magazine
The promotion of members and their work is a core ASOFIA objective. Over recent years many initiatives have been rolled out to enhance the professional image of our members and the industry. They include the new Association website, corporate video, ASOFIA newsletter, quarterly Interior Fitout magazine, Annual Membership Directory, Interior Fitout Awards, sponsorship activities, industry trade shows and the provision to members of Membership Certificates and ASOFIA logos.
As the industry Association, we receive regular requests from retailers seeking support with their fit-outs. We support our members in connecting with prospective clients in the following ways; circulate the project information to all members; invite expressions of interest and direct them to our website membership directory. We also produce an Annual Membership Directory that provides retailers, designers, architects, suppliers and manufacturers, shop fitters and subcontractors with access to the company details of those that provide specialist services within our industry. Ask how you can be involved.
ASOFIA has partnerships with educational institutions and leading professionals across Australia. We provide access to relevant and important education and training opportunities for our members via guest speakers, training courses, seminars and conferences, industry meetings, training boards, career days and through TAFE.
ASOFIA celebrates and promotes the achievements of our members through the Interior Fitout Awards. We also acknowledge our upcoming professionals through the National and State Apprentice Awards. Each division also recognises Icons of the Industry. Contact us for more information.
We have developed legal documents specific to the shop and office fitting industry context which are accessible to Full Membership holders. These documents are valuable to members needing contracts, using subcontractors or if you are a subcontractor. Documents include: Shop Fitting Contract, Variation Book, Subcontract and Subcontractor Declarations. With the affiliated membership option, members can access General Legal Advice as provided through our affiliated organisations. Enquire about legal support here
On behalf of our members and the industry, ASOFIA proactively addresses a range of diverse issues that affect business in our sector. ASOFIA is represented on a range of industry committees and boards to express the view of our industry and to enact change in a favourable way. We also advocate for our members to government when necessary. Some of the issues we address include: taxation, security of payment, training matters, Australian standards and licensing.
ASOFIA members may access industrial relations support through the optional Affiliated Membership. This support is provided through our affiliated organisations such as the Master Builder Association (MBA). These benefits include access to telephone advice, industrial relations updates, OH&S advice, enterprise bargaining advice, award rates of pay and information on conditions of employment. Enquire about membership