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Why become involved in ASOFIA?



“We would encourage all within the Shopfitting sector to join the Association which represents us. Our profession is unique and ASOFIA membership keeps us up to date with news relevant to the industry”

Cathy Williams – North Sun Commercial Interiors, ASOFIA member for 13 years.


“Weâre shopfitters, and the company I use to work for had been a member of the Association for over 20 years“ so it was a natural, but very important, transition for me, and my business, to become a member. ASOFIA provides members with a lot of industry information that is often tricky to get your hands on”

Trevor Hall – Paramount Projects, ASOFIA member for 4 year.



“We were new to the shop fitting industry, and saw ASOFIA as a means to source more clients for our business”

Jason Bridges – R&J Bridges Electrical, ASOFIA member for 14 years.


“We had a range of products that were designed for shopping centre applications, and we saw ASOFIA membership as an opportunity to mix with the key shop fitters nationally”

Neville Griffiths – Mirage Doors, ASOFIA member for 30+ years.


“I became a part of ASOFIA to feel a part of an organisation that represented what I did for a living”

Rob Ryan – RJR Shopfitting, ASOFIA member 7 years.


“I became involved because I believe it is good for businesses needing help and support from an industry based Association”

Paul Harbord – Prestige Joinery NSW/Dynamic Project Management, ASOFIA member 5 years.


“I became a member of ASOFIA after a peer recommended it to me. Taking their advice, I joined and have experienced the benefit of expanding my knowledge on industry issues and network with other ASOFIA colleagues across Australia”

Mick McLoughlin – Bencee Les Wilson, ASOFIA member 10+ years.




“Being a new business owner, becoming involved with ASOFIA appeared to be a good option to receive industry information from peers and to networking with other business and industry colleagues”

Michael Casablanca – Woodland Shopfitting, ASOFIA member 15 years.


“I became a member of ASOFIA because I wanted to know what was happening in the industry, and I wanted to be a part of it”

Craig Watkinson – Alexander Interiors, ASOFIA member 16 years.


“I became involved in ASOFIA because I believe it necessary that within our industry you need some kind of Association for networking opportunities and somewhere to source industry support for when issues arise”

Paul Williams – Comace, ASOFIA member 10 years.


Events and networking opportunities

“Planit had a great day at the NSW ASOFIA Annual Golf Day and Christmas Function. It was great to catch up with everyone before the December business kicks in. Certainly saw the day as valuable for us and ASOFIA. Looking forward to 2015’s event” 

Blake Cugley – Planit Cutting Edge Solutions, ASOFIA member for 4 year.


“I am writing on behalf of Fusion People to thank you for organizing such a tremendous Annual Golf and Christmas Dinner Event at Castle Hill Country Club. We really enjoyed your hospitality on the day. Good food/drink, brilliant prizes plus an excellent golf course and venue for the day and night. I’m sure all ASOFIA members would echo my sentiments by saying congratulations!”

Donato D’Agrosa – Fusion People, ASOFIA member for 1 year.



“I strongly encourage all in the industry to attend the social networking side of things. Any event held, from a General Meeting to a Conference, is vital in this industry and to our businesses; to network with likeminded individuals. You meet people from all aspects of the industry”

Trevor Hall – Paramount Projects, ASOFIA member for 4 years.



“All of them! The trade nights, the golf days, the Ball and especially the Conference are all highly beneficial and lots of fun”

Jason Bridges – R&J Bridges Electrical, ASOFIA member for 14 years.


“The networking opportunity, at ASOFIA events, is evident to everyone. It’s all about breaking down barriers. The Conferences are good, you get to mingle, go up and start talking to strangers, collect feedback on how others are coping within the industry, source information on upcoming projects. That knowledge could be hugely useful to you and your business”

Neville Griffiths – Mirage Doors, ASOFIA member for 30+ years.


“I would recommend members become involved in the ASOFIA Future Summit. The industry insights and guest speakers are there, and these are great networking opportunities for individual regions”

Rob Ryan – RJR Shopfitting, ASOFIA member 7 years.



ASOFIA National Conference

“Once again a brilliant conference, Gerard and his team continually surprise all of us with putting on a brilliant and professional National Conference. The destination, activities, conference sessions, dinners, etc. are always spectacular and always leave you wanting more. Both my wife and I are already looking forward to the next conference and catching up with all the friends we have made over the many years of attending National Conferences.” 

Chris Hookham – Dixon & Swanson,   ASOFIA member for 30 years.

“Once again this type of event cements the bond of all involved. It also proves that it is essential for the shop fitting community to band together and push new boundaries. This spirit demonstrates to the industry founders, that the high standards they strived to attain will be in safe capable hands for the next generation to follow”

Chris Camp – Monarch Group / ARA Manufacture,   ASOFIA member for 28 years.

“The 19th Annual ASOFIA Conference was an excellent opportunity to meet new people and contacts. The networking is just fantastic. I have noticed that being exposed through ASOFIA has its benefits as both clients and suppliers knew of our Best Pub/Club Fitout”

 Simon Patane – Ryde Joinery,   ASOFIA member for 4 years.

“Well organised event and enjoyed the keynote speakers and their relevance in today’s world. Friendly atmosphere at a great location.”

 Manuel Pena – Projects Queensland,   ASOFIA member for 10+ years.

“For one, it was a trip away from the desk and a trip overseas; however it was a great experience to chat with people you generally only knew by name. It was great to put faces to those names, collate some feedback as to what was happening in their industry and to network. All in all, it was magnificent”

Trevor Hall – Paramount Projects, ASOFIA member for 4 years.

 “We have been attending the National Conference since 1995. We took the opportunity to take some leave with the family, and also attend the Conference. It was a great opportunity to catch up with our customers and networking with our clients and extended contacts”

Jason Bridges – R&J Bridges Electrical, ASOFIA member for 14 years.

 “The 19th ASOFIA National Conference in Hobart was an excellent networking opportunity for all concerned. It is always enjoyable to renew old friendships and make new contacts. The sponsors were particularly well promoted to the attendees, and the range of activities ensured a wide variety of positive experiences. The organisers are to be congratulated for making a success of the conference.”

Neville Griffiths – Mirage Doors, ASOFIA member for 30+ years.


“The fabulous location chosen was an ideal surrounding for many new ASOFIA members attending their first Conference to meet and greet , and to learn about the Association. Many took part and learnt the benefits of networking and the many ways they can draw on the Association to help make their businesses stronger.”

Thomas Brown – Thomas Brown Shopfitters, ASOFIA life member 30 years.


“I haven’t missed one since I became a member! I enjoy attending, and you take away a lot from attending. Being away at the event and having the opportunity to focus on the topics raised at the Conference is great, plus the networking opportunities with people from across Australia is really beneficial”

Mick McLoughlin – Bencee Les Wilson, ASOFIA member 10+ years.


“The Conference is a fantastic networking opportunity for all ASOFIA businesses. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the office, and provides attendees with excellent material and information relevant to our industry”

Michael Casablanca – Woodland Shopfitting, ASOFIA member 15 years.


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