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Professional Commercial & Time-Lapse Photography

and Remote Monitoring Services

Sitevisuals is an advanced multi-media service provider, offering professional commercial still and time-lapse photography, and specialising in remote visual monitoring solutions.

We seek to capture your sites, subjects and products in high-resolution digital imagery in order to present your business and your activities in the best possible formats. We can assist you with editorial content for marketing and promotional purposes to help communicate what you do in both word and graphic form.

Our highly skilled photographers capture both the detail and the bigger picture in order to communicate your story in spectacular imagery. We will meet you where you are for a customised and personalised service.


Freedom, Productivity, Engagement

The Sitevisuals time-lapse solution can be rapidly deployed to enhance the management and monitoring of construction jobs, whether they are inside a room or outside in wide open spaces, local or geographically remote. We are able to rapidly deploy visual monitoring equipment without any infrastructure or IT demands on your organisation or the contractors involved.

All Sitevisuals images are logged into a real-time database and secure image store. You can access your images within hours of capture by simply logging into an internet browser no matter where you are including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. With our advanced administrator options you can set up new locations, assign cameras and specify who can access the same images such as; your project managers, sub-contractors, marketing or PR professionals and even the general public themselves where such community engagement is critical for your success. Simply being able to see what is going on can give great peace of mind and you have the freedom to be anywhere anytime. A chronological compilation is available as an impressive time-lapse video once your project is completed for media advertisement or documentation archival.

If you are seeking assistance communicating your story, whether on your website or for marketing promotion, we can help you with editorial content and image presentation.

Contact Sitevisuals today to see how we can help you keep projects on track and raise your profile.


Still photography, Time-Lapse photography, Visual monitoring, Construction monitoring, Remote monitoring, Project management, Editorial content

Time-Lapse examples: http://www.sitevisuals.com/timelapse.php 

Live camera feeds: http://www.sitevisuals.com/feeds.php 


Industry Categories

Photography Services

Remote Visual Monitoring

Time-Lapse Video

Content Creation

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Contact Information

Website: http://www.sitevisuals.com

Email: Info@sitevisuals.com

Phone:  0408 099 735

Postal Address: PO Box 1025 Joondalup, WA 6919 Australia

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