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The Australian Shop & Office Fitting Industry Association represents around 450 members consisting of, but not limited to, shop fitters, office fitters, manufacturers, suppliers, specialist contractors, service providers, subcontractors, educational institutions, designers and apprentices. Our membership categories are designed to provide localised information and support for those that need it or exposure across a broader area for larger national operators. 

Whilst the Association is recognised as a truly national body, for many a majority of members the areas of support that they require are offered and delivered at a state level. As a result, when you join ASOFIA you are allocated to a particular state division for the standard membership fee. If your company is represented in multiple states, you then have the opportunity to extend that further to additional states through Additional State Membership or if ongoing national exposure is required across all divisions, then National Membership might be the best option.

Other Membership Categories accommodate our Apprentices, Educational Institutions and affiliated groups. For more information review each of the membership categories listed below. Which ever category suits your needs you can be assured that membership of ASOFIA is a Wise Business Decision!

To join you simply need to complete an Application for Membership.

Standard Membership

Whilst the Australian Shop & Office Fitting Industry Association is recognised as a national Association, upon joining you are allocated to one of the Association’s state divisions. As such, Standard Membership entitles you to membership in 1 state of your choice. In most instances that would generally be the state where the head office is located. Upon joining, your membership is automatically linked to that particular state/division and you will start to receive regular information pertaining to any activities/events/meetings in that state. If required you have the options to expand your membership into other states. Click on the relevant membership type below for more information.

Standard Membership with Industrial Relations Support

ASOFIA does not provide direct Industrial Relations or Legal Support itself but does have a strategic alliance and affiliation the MBA in NSW and QLD. There is an additional fee to secure a Standard Membership with affiliated IR Support through the MBA of that particular state.

Additional State Membership

Additional State membership is only eligible to members who already have a Standard Membership. If you have an office(s) in other states or work within other states and are interested in being kept up-to-date or wish to participate in that state’s activities/events/meetings, you can take up an Additional State membership. This discounted membership category entitles you to the same benefits as the Standard Membership across those additional states in which you operate.

National Membership

ASOFIA has divisions in 5 states (NSW, VIC, QLD, SA & WA). If you have offices based in all states or you wish to be actively involved in all divisions you may wish to consider a National Membership which will keep you abreast of all activities/events/meetings across all divisions. A discounted rate applies for National Membership.

AADIF Membership

The Australian Automatic Door Industry Forum (AADIF) is a body established for companies working and specialising in the automatic door industry. AADIF is affiliated with ASOFIA and to hold AADIF membership you must apply for membership of both AADIF and ASOFIA. AADIF meets as a group from time to time to address industry problems and issues and plays a significant and leading role in the development and updating of auto door standards for the Australian marketplace. The Standard Membership fee of ASOFIA provides membership of both ASOFIA & AADIF and access to all the normal benefits associated with ASOFIA membership. There are however two applications that need to be completed, one for each organisation. 

Apprentice Membership

Our Apprentice Membership category is a COMPLIMENTARY membership classification developed to offer apprentices an insight into what the industry is all about and to assist them as they work through their apprenticeship and embark upon their chosen career path within the interior fitout industry. This complimentary membership category is not a full membership of ASOFIA and as such has limited entitlements. Apprentices are however, offered access to industry specific information and news, industry related events and training opportunities through this special membership category. Register here to apply as an Apprentice Member.

Designer Membership

ASOFIA has a category of membership for Retail Designers, Interior Designers, Architects and Store Planners. This membership category is not a full membership of ASOFIA and as such has limited entitlements. Benefits include:New Member introductions in Interior Fitout Magazine, Designer feature opportunities within the magazine, Networking opportunities across the fitout industry and more. Click here for more details and to apply.

Educational Institution Membership

ASOFIA works closely with Educational institutions who train/teach courses designed for the shop & office fitting industry. The affiliation between TAFEs / Learning Centres and ASOFIA builds strong fundamentals for apprentices and other students to strengthen and build a stronger industry through learning and development. Educational Institutions are provided with a special discounted membership fee which is approximately half the standard annual membership fee. 

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