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Application Process
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You can also download and fill this form in .pdf format Download Application Form.pdf, 427 kB

Membership Fees will be invoiced once membership is approved.

Type of Membership Monthly Fee Includes GST Annual Fee Includes GST
Application Fee (non refundable)
Annual Standard Membership
Annual Additional States
Industrial Relations Support per state
  • QLD
  • NSW
Designer Category (Selected Benefits)
Educational Institutions
National Membership all state membership

* Only Application Fee is to be sent with Application Form.

a) Membership Year is from 1 July to 30 June the following year.

b) Standard membership excludes specialised industrial relations support & advice.

c) Membership can be paid via a monthly direct debit arrangement.

d) All prices are inclusive of the Goods and Services Tax.

e) Membership with industrial relations support includes industrial relation support &
advice in the State of the principle membership. - * Only available in some States (only
available in QLD & NSW).

f) National Membership includes membership to all states, with either a company contact
per state or one national contact.

g) Payment can be made either via cheque or EFT into the following bank account: **
Bank: ANZ
Branch: Woy Woy
BSB: 012 881
A/C: 482 588 387

  • 1. Applicants
  • 2. Business
  • 3. Membership
  • 4. Additional State
  • 5. Business
  • 6. Previous
  • 7. Declaration

A Member shall be any individual, partnership, trust, or corporation engaged in the design, supply, manufacture, installation,
alteration and/or repair of shop fronts, showcases, and/or interior fittings and fixtures in and/or on buildings or any other
association, subcontractor, building owner and operator which is closely allied to or associated with the industry.


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