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Kings Roller Grilles and Shutters (KRGS)
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Kings Roller Grilles and Shutters (KRGS) are proudly Australian owned and run and are one of the country’s largest designers and manufacturers of Commercial and Industrial Roller Grilles, Shutters and Folding Closures. We are confident that one of our products will meet your requirements on your next project and invite you to contact us for a quote.

Kings Roller Grilles and Shutters offer a wide range of products including:

  • Folding / Concertina Doors: Folding Closures, Security Trellis Barriers and Clearglide Bi-Folding Door
  • Commercial Grilles: High Security Grille, All Aluminium Grille and 19mm Grilles
  • Commercial Roller Shutters: Counterline Roller Shutter, Clearvision Roller Shutter, Aluminium Roller Shutters and Series 3 Aluminium Roller Shutters
  • Industrial Roller Shutters: Steel Roller Shutters, Car Park Shutters, Fire Shutters

KRGS recent projects include Sydney Cricket Ground, Fiji Airport, Sydney International Airport, Fashion Spree Liverpool, Byron Bay Hospital and Bega Hospital.

Combining the 5 Pillars of the business KRGS will ensure our doors open up a new beginning for you.


The founders of KRGS bring together 56 years of experience in the door industry, which has lead us to providing an extensive and diverse range of high quality Roller Grille, Shutter and Folding Closure products suitable for retail, commercial and industrial applications with the end user in mind.


With this knowledge KRGS are able to provide unmatched service to you as a customer and also to your customer, the end user.


Not all requirements happen 9-5 Monday to Friday, we understand this are can work in with you to meet your needs to ensure our mutual goal is achieved. On top of all that our products are manufactured locally right here in Sydney, so our turnaround time cannot be matched.


We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t do what we love. We are always striving to be the best. As the saying goes, to be number 1 you have to work like you are number 2. KRGS are continually looking at ways to do things different, smart and more cost effective so these can be passed on to our customers.


The oxford dictionary has the meaning of care as the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something”. This is our aim, to provide what is necessary for the welfare and protection of our customer and to provide what is necessary for the health and maintenance of our products.

You will find KRGS products installed on many projects including, leading retailers in Westfield Shopping Centers, Stocklands Malls and Centro around Australia. With assistance in door design we can select and offer the right solution for your requirements.

Our commitment to you is to supply quality door products at the most competitive prices, while offering the highest level of uncompromising service in our industry.

For  information on all our visit our website www.krgsdoors.com.au. To discuss our products further or see what we can do for you, contact us on 02 9608 9888 or email sales@krgsdoors.com.au



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