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Gunnersen is the largest Australian owned distributor of wood-based panel products, timber and decorative surface material in Australia/New Zealand.

Gunnersen is proud of the quality of the products we distribute, and the integrity of the suppliers whose brands we represent. We are committed to service.

Established in 1879 following the immigration to South Australia by Captain Gunner Gunnersen, Gunnersen has continuously changed in anticipation and response to the market and its needs, its evolution following the pattern of expansion and contraction of the Australian economy; and
the interests and capabilities of each progressive family generation. Currently, leadership in Gunnersen is in transition spanning two generations: Thorold Gunnersen (Chairman), and Nils Koren (Managing Director), 4th; and Nils Gunnersen (Executive Director), 5th.

Gunnersen’s core capability is our ability to satisfy customer and supplier requirements across a large range of products delivered through an efficient nationwide distribution network.

Gunnersen’s role as wholesale distributor places us strategically between customers and suppliers and has provided the opportunity to create a company that is large enough to serve, through a national distribution network, yet is small enough to care about customer’s and supplier’s needs and wants. Gunnersen values personal relationships, and enjoys the privilege of serving both customers and suppliers; large and small.

Gunnersen’s point of difference is our commitment to service, people and relationships. Focused on marketing as well as sales, procurement and complex supply chains, inventory, warehousing and delivery management. Information technology supports operations so we deliver on the promises made. The company offers a comprehensive range of products in species and sizes not generally available from other wholesalers – as individual lines or as part of a package.

Products and services we provide:

  • Plywood – local and imported – structural and decorative
  • Decorative products – HI-MACS Solid Acrylic Surface, Designerply, Designergloss, Nevamar Laminate, Verve Eco Panels, ColourPyne, Slice Veneer, Easycraft, Inform Laminate, Archipanel, Glaze
  • Commodity products – Particleboard (sheet, flooring and melamine faced), MDF (sheet and mouldings), hardboard
  • Cladding – plywood and hardboard
  • Specialty finishes – OSB (Oriented Strand Board), Signboard, Corflute, Softboard
  • Timber – structural, flooring, decking, lining


Large enough to serve; 
small enough to care

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