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Fair Work Ombudsman’s National Apprentices Campaign
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The findings from the Fair Work Ombudsman’s National Apprentices Campaign have been released. During the campaign, the entitlements of 2266 apprentices were checked. These apprentices were employed by 822 businesses that were audited to gauge compliance with Australian workplace relations laws. Findings include:

  • 644 (78%) businesses were compliant with record-keeping and pay slip requirements for their apprentices
  • 558 (68%) businesses were paying their apprentices correctly
  • 443 (54%) businesses were compliant with all requirements for their apprentices
  • $339,433 was recovered on behalf of 323 apprentices
  • 54 formal cautions, 7 Compliance Notices and 5 Infringement Notices were issued

The campaign focused on employers with apprentices undertaking apprenticeships in:

  • Automotive (e.g. mechanics, panel beaters, auto electricians);
  • Electrical Services (e.g. electricians, equipment technicians);
  • Manufacturing (e.g. welders, boilermakers, fitter/turners, cabinet makers, shopfitters);
  • Hair and Beauty (e.g. hairdressers); and
  • Retail Service Industry (e.g. bakers, pastry cooks, retail butchers).

Click here for a detailed report. Further information can be found on the Fair Work Ombudsman website

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