Welcome to the Australian Shop & Office Fitting Industry Association

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Code of Ethics
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Members of the Australian Shop & Office Fitting Industry Association Limited acknowledge that we are joined together to promote:

  • The good standing of our industry
  • Ethical conduct in all our business negotiations
  • A high standard of workmanship in the execution of all work entrusted to us
  • The observance of all arrangements and agreements negotiated on our behalf with other Associations, Federal Government, State Governments, or others
  • Strict adherence to the rule that members will not execute work from plans and/or detailed drawings prepared by another member unless permission to do so has first been obtained
  • The adoption of the best possible safety precautions within our plant and on-site
  • Adequate and effective training for all workers engaged in various phases of the industry.

Mission Statement & Objectives

  • To establish and promote guidelines for ethical trading between shopfitters and their clients
  • To maintain and promote high standards of workmanship and business practices throughout the industry
  • To operate as a liaison between shop and office fitting companies, government authorities, trade unions, developers and other organisations involved in the industry
  • To assist architects, interior designers, retailers, display managers, purchasers of shopfittings and buyers and specifiers of shopfitting and display equipment
  • To provide a process to investigate disputes between clients and their contractors.

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