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The Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association covers the professionals, suppliers, developers and regulators who design, buy, sell, build, check and install purpose-built internal environments for literally thousands of businesses in the retail, franchise, corporate and office sectors.

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According to independent research and data supplied by the Construction Industry Forecasting Council the total value of non-residential construction involving shop and office fitouts across Australia is currently valued at around $10 billion per year.

ShopfittingIndustryWho works in the industry?

People in this industry oversee the design, sourcing, construction and installation of all interior areas including the choice of furnishings, signage, fittings, finishes, materials and shop layouts.

Shop and office fitters work with their clients to create an environment that serves and helps accomplish business goals; whether that is increasing foot-traffic, communicating a strong brand, displaying products or using elegant furnishings to create a professional office space, the work involved is varied and rather ˜niche”.

The managers behind shopping centres and large retail zones, such as airports, play a vital role in the shop and office fitting industry, as they provide much work for Association members.



The relationships in the industry

As the voice of the industry, ASOFIA is committed to fostering strong business connections between all the major stakeholders in this industry. In light of this important relationship between developers and shop fitters, ASOFIA is in regular contact with the managers of shopping centres around Australia.

These relationships enable ASOFIA to stay in the loop with new opportunities and developments. News and tenders from this segment are shared with ASOFIA members on a regular basis.

ASOFIA also acts as a conduit between the shop and office fitting industry, retailers and designers – as retailers need professional and expert skill to create their shop environments.

In response to this need, ASOFIA created the supplier directory and showcase pages. These tools conveniently bring together leading industry suppliers for comparison. Through the showcase pages, retailers can learn about ASOFIA member’s previous work and see examples through the images, project overviews and link-through to that member’s own website.

ASOFIA can also help retailers to distribute their tenders throughout the industry and assist them in securing the best contractor for the project at hand.

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