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Who is the Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association (ASOFIA)?

The Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association (ASOFIA) is the leading national voice for the industry.

ASOFIA has over 450 members across the many disciplines of the sector including shop and office fitters, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and subcontractors.

ASOFIA supports its members by encouraging them to achieve the highest standards of workmanship and customer service, whilst advocating for the professional recognition of the whole industry. The Association does this by providing informative and educational opportunities and by celebrating and promoting the achievements of its members.

With its roots firmly planted in local industries, ASOFIA is structured with the current and future needs of its members firmly in mind. Members are represented via five state divisions – NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA, each with elected representatives to the National Council.

Each state is empowered with the task of identifying and addressing state-specific issues such as the need to network and foster relationship building with local companies.

The National Council, which is made up of dedicated volunteers, provides support and guidance to the executive staff within the Association who organise trade nights, networking events, the national conference and the highly coveted Fitout Award program. The national body supports these activities via training, strategic communications, marketing, sponsorship and stakeholder relations.

All members are responsible for the continual recruitment of members and working towards the common goal of increasing the professional reputation of the industry.

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