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Registrations and sponsorship are now open for the ASOFIA 20th National Conference. This year's conference will be held from 7-10 October in the Barossa Valley. The conference is expected to attract 150 industry professionals and include presentations of the ASOFIA Awards program. Read more

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      We support our members by helping them to achieve the highest standards of workmanship and customer service, while advocating the professional recognition of the whole industry. We do this by working together with our members and partners to provide important and relevant information and education, through creating opportunities for industry networking and by celebrating and Read more
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      ABOUT AUSTARON SURFACESAustaron Surfaces was established in 2003 with an aim to provide quality surfaces and finishes to the Australian market. Austaron’s product range is supplied to designers, architects, retailers, builders and also extends to consumers. Their products are used across many industry segments including but not limited to: retail, healthcare, entertainment, food service, office Read more
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    • 23 August, 2016

      Free Member Value Added Business Session

      FRIDAY 7 OCTOBER 3:30 – 5:30PM



      Risks of non-payment in the building industry is a fundamental concern of every supplier, builder and subcontractors. The introduction of Security of Payments laws throughout Australia attempts to address this by creating a system of “pay first and argue later”.

      In this presentation we will explain the Security of Payment laws in particular: 

      • The purpose and benefits of the Security of Payment laws.
      • How it works
      • How to deal with a claim made against you
      • Adjudication versus court litigation
      • Examples of its effectiveness

      Gone are the hand shake days of the construction industry as it is now one of the most litigious industries in the country. Most suppliers, builders and subcontractors have at some time or another been faced with some legal dispute.

      Why use a properly drafted contract? What protections, advantages and certainty can it provide.

      In this presentation we will discuss the advantages of using a written contract in your deals, and the risks of not using a properly drafted contract, we will also discuss terminating and suspending a contracts and liquidated damages.

      Protecting your assets, your home and the future of your family should be an absolute priority for every businessman. If you do not have proper strategies in place to safeguard your assets, then you could lose them at no fault of your own. In this presentation we will briefly demonstrate some strategies that you can use to protect your assets. 

       To register for this session click here.

      Non ASOFIA members are able to register for this session for a fee of $100 + GST

      Register now for the ASOFIA 20th National Conference as there are only minimal rooms still available. 

    • 19 August, 2016

      Update your FREE member listing

      As a member of ASOFIA you are eligible to have your company details listed in both the online and printed ASOFIA Directory of Members. The printed version, available in an A5 perfect-bound (book) format, is an essential resource for architects, designers and store planners, shop and office fitters and specifiers. In fact, it is distributed to more than 5,000 decision makers.

      It features a complete alphabetical listing of members of the Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association Limited, including shop and office fitters, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. 

      Specialised indexes include brand names, an index of shop and office fitters by the categories in which they work, and an index of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers by product category.

      Additional references include a complete contact list for ASOFIA at executive, national and state levels, and a list of AADIF members.

      ASOFIA member companies can have their alphabetical listing enhanced with a colour logo in the annual printed member directory as well as the online member directory.

      To update your details simply login and select “Update your information” from the left hand menu. For details on enhanced listings and other advertising options click here or to book use the ASOFIA Members Directory Booking Form.

    • 01 August, 2016

      ASOFIA Offers Complimentary Membership to Apprentices
      In an effort to provide support to apprentices on their career path from apprentice to qualified tradesperson, ASOFIA has extended complimentary apprentice membership of the association to any apprentice who works within the shopfitting industry. This complimentary apprentice membership does not constitute full paying membership of the association.
      We urge apprentices to join ASOFIA on social media to stay up-to-date on important issues that affect our industry. If you wish to receive ongoing information regarding the association and industry please complete your details below to register for complimentary apprentice membership of ASOFIA. 
      For a full list of benefits and to join click here

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